TikiBerlin UG is providing an organizational and entrepreneurial framework for Gordon W’s artistic practice as performer and chef for discerning and eclectic gourmets of the master class. TikiBerlin is organzied by York Wegerhoff and Gordon W.

TikiBerlin offers a catering with signature dishes with the most varied and exotic ingredients, culminating in vegan, vegetarian and pescatarian for the adventurous and demanding connoisseur, accompanied by a mobile Tiki-Bar with artisanal Cocktails against a backdrop of performance art with live food, theremin, tablas with an exotica soundscape.

You can book TikiBerlin for Live-Food Catering & Bar Buisness with unique Tiki-Cocktails for your private Events and contemporary cultural Happenings. We present multicourse menues or streetfood, what ever your snack bracket is.

TikiBerlin Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TikiBerlinofficial

TikiBerlin Instgram: https://www.instagram.com/tikiberlin_official/

For bookings and questions call: Gordon W. Mobile phone: 015781420195 or send a Email to sharfmeister@gmail.com or mail@tikiberlin.com.

TikiBerlin is looking forward to be part of your Event with artisinal vegan, vegetarian and prescatarian food and exotic Tiki-Cocktails.